About Us


Kids University, We are committed to an integrated approach based on the development of the whole child. We emphasize building self esteem, cognitive, motor, social, emotional, and language skills. The communication between the center and parent will be priority. Kids University is committed to providing quality care and supervision, nurturing, safe, and supportive environment for our children and the families we serve. Parents will receive daily (verbal), weekly (note), or monthly (letter) reports on the progress of the child.


Kids University sets the standard for superior child care by partnering with parents and the community to create diverse, innovative, and nurturing environments that provide a foundation for learning.


Kids University will set the standards for quality child care through knowledgeable and respected leadership and innovative programming.


Children are important All children need a safe, nurturing, diverse environment in absence of parents In providing all parents with quality child care through our knowledge and expertise.

  • In treating all staff, and parents/guardians with dignity and respect.
  • In adhering to state regulations to maintain integrity.
  • In the integrated efforts of all staff and parents.
  • In performing our business with excellence.
  • In taking a leadership role in the child care field.